Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Story of the Sickies!

(Warning, a scary story is ahead and has a few scary moments)
Sicky 1 = Josh/Sicky 2 = Chloe
So to start the story Josh was honestly sick for the whole month of May, and then Poor Chloe has been sick probably 70% of her life. So this month we decided to do something drastic about it all! Chloe has had about 12 ear infections and for the whole month of May she had been sick and the antibiotics weren't helping her too much so I had scheduled an appointment for her with an ENT (ear, nose & throat Doc). 
Well Two weeks before our scheduled appointment we ran to Costco one night to grab some more Tylenol, cause she was starting to have Fevers again for the millionth time! So as we were driving out of Costco I just look back at Chloe for no real reason and my baby is Blue! yep that's right I said blue and totally non-responsive! I start yelling at Josh pull over, drive to the hospital, call 911, get me out of this car.... Pretty much everything you can think of to say in a time like that! Josh pulls over in a parking lot and hurry and grab her out of the car and lay her on the pavement... At this point I have no clue what is happening to my baby I just know that she needs to get air. So I start doing chest compressions because I can't think of anything else to do while Josh is on the phone with 911
Within 30 seconds-1 min we have 3 cop cars there and Chloe has finally started to breath again but looks very glazed over. In about another 30 seconds we have a firetruck and an ambulance there ready to help out. 
It just so happened that Chloe had what is called a Febrile Seizure, caused by getting a fever that came on too fast and too high so your body pretty much shuts down so it doesn't Fry! and just a little FYI There is no way to prevent them :) O and another FYI Babies seizures look very different then kids or adults. Most babies do not shake and look like they are having a seizure but they usually go blue and stiff, that would have been nice to know before I tried to do CPR on my child.
That night we spent 8 hours up at primary Children's hospital and determined that Chloe had a Sinus infection that was not being touched by the antibiotics that she had been taking and a spot on her lung that looked like the beginning stages of pneumonia.
So she was placed on a different antibiotic and was scheduled to see the ENT!
Once she finally go in to see the ENT we decided to take out her Adenoids and put tubes in her ears.
3 Days before she is supposed to go into surgery she starts to get sick again... So I start to panic! I called her doctor and went in immediately to checkout what was going on. Guess what she had a double ear infection! So we put her on antibiotics again and prayed that she didn't get fevers or develop a cough so that she still could have her surgery!!! 
So on June 21 2012 Chloe Mills went in for her first surgery. Not gonna lie the scariest day of my entire life! Handing over your baby to a stranger and trusting them completely is not my idea of a good time.
When the doctor was done he came and told us the surgery went great and her Adenoids were HUGE! He was very happy we decided to take those out :) She did really good after her surgery and was eating that evening like a champ.
I have never met a more patient, good sport, happy and all around amazing little girl through out the whole ordeal! She is such a fighter. I feel so blessed and not qualified to be her mom but I am sure glad that I am! She is the light of our lives and we are the luckiest parents in the whole world!
So thats the whole Story! Sorry it was so long, and I am very impressed if you are still even reading this :) Thank you for all your support and help through out this long road! We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends and couldn't be happier that we are finally on the road to recovery and Health!

Here are a few pics from Chloe's Surgery day.
Chloe did not like that on her wrist! We eventually had to move it to her ankle because she was pulling at it so much
 While we were waiting to go back into surgery Toy Story came on the TV and she was SOOO EXCITED, she couldn't hardly believe it!
 Look at those lips! This was right after surgery so she was pretty out of it! Still cute as ever!

*June Posting with Fun Stuff to Come*


Krystal said...

Oh my gosh Em!! That's so freaking scary! I"m so glad everything's ok, and she got the tubes AND her andoids out. Scary, scary, scary

Parish & Becca said...

Wow Emily! I can't even believe that happened to sweet little Chloe!! I had to fight back tears reading that post. I have had to hand both of my babies over to complete strangers while they were having surgery. It is so incredibly hard, but everything always works out. I'm glad she's doing better! I sure hope having tubes and her andoids removed helps her feel better! My goodness, I still can't get the image out of my head of her blue in the back of the car. So scary. Keep us all posted on how she does!! I'll be thinking about her lots!!

Suzi Q said...

Oh my gosh!!!! How scary!! I am so sorry that you all had to experience that! I am so glad she is doing better!!!

Tawny said...

Oh my SCARY DRAMA!!! I'm so SORRY! AHHH!! They put tubes in Rod's ears and there was nothing near as scary as what happened to Chole. I can't believe she had a seizure and stopped breathing!! I am SO sorry! That IS SO SCARY!!! Poor Chole. She is so beautiful. I can't tell you how scary that story is. Except you lived it. so it's even more scary. I'm so sorry.

Tawny said...

Ps. Is she/you feeling good enough to get together? love you!!