Friday, July 6, 2012

One More Thing...

Well Chloe has been feeling great since she had her surgery! She has actually been sleeping through the night, eating like a champ and acting like a very happy 2 year old! BUT (That is a word I am really growing to hate) on June 30th 2012 Chloe had just gotten out of the shower and was dancing around on the bed like a crazy monkey. (That nursery Song has never been Truer) Her dad was brushing his teeth and standing right next to her when all of a sudden Chloe slipped and feel right off the bed. It was the loudest thud I have ever heard, so I ran in there and picked her up and immediately knew something was wrong with her arm. Chloe is really a tough kid and because of how daring she is she falls down and gets lots of scratches but after 10 minutes of crying I knew we had to go the Instacare :) So off to the instacare we went!
They sent her right up to get X-Ray's and when they X-Ray's were in, it was very clear that Chloe had broken her arm (Elbow). Poor little Girl! Once they got the splint on her she was a pretty good sport and Has been climbing around like a monkey ever since! 

Super Funny Picture because I just realized that the day she broke her arm she was wearing the vacuum attachment on the arm that she actually broke.... Coincidence I think NOT!

Here is The happy Girl with a Ballon and Some Candy! Some of her friends from the ward brought it over! 

I am going to post now about some fun stuff because I promise that we do have fun, we aren't always in the hospital ;)
Discovery Gateway is such a cool Place! Chloe loved it so much that we decided to get a season pass!!! Here are a few pics from the fun adventure!
Here's our little bird with the broken wing on a Giant Swan!
Riding a Horse and Loving every minute of it! I have got to find a real one for her to ride!

Here's Boo Feeding the Horse

Pretending to be a Bird, In case you didn't know one of her all time favorite shows is RIO!!! She was dancing and Singing like she was one of the birds from RIO in this get up!

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Katie and Shawn said...

I can't believe how big Chloe is!!! She is adorable! So sorry to hear about her broken arm! Hope it heals fast!!