Wednesday, June 27, 2012

April 2012

We had a blast this past April! It was Chloe's 2nd Birthday and Boy is that girl Spoiled! For the theme this year we went with a Rainbow theme because Chloe loves colors and knows all her colors :) I am a very proud mama!
Here are a few pictures from the party!

~The Birthday Girl~

Chloe's Rainbow Cake
 Getting the Party Started!

 Here's the Ballon Banner that Chloe's dad made her!

This Easter was so much fun with Chloe! She really got into the whole egg hunt search this year! She loved finding an egg and then would immediately open it! Here is Chloe in her Easter Dress! Such a little Poser!

Lots of Play Dates! With the beautiful cool spring weather, Chloe was able to get together with lots of friends! As a mom one of my favorite things is to watch Chloe grow up and become such a big girl :)

Chloe and her Friend Garrett! They are too Cute together!

Here are Two little trouble makers! Jax and Chloe are the perfect friends; he loves to push people in swings and she loves to be pushed! Match made in heaven!!!

The Zoo Part 1-This year we decided to get a Zoo Membership and let me tell you it has already paid for itself! Chloe loves animals and LOVES the zoo! Her favorite things to see at the zoo are the monkeys and the SNAKES! Crazy I know but I just go with it!
Here is Chloe the first time she went to the Zoo! What a Cutie!

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Tawny said...

AAAAHHH!! Thanks for the cute pictures and the updates!! Chloe is just a doll. You guys are the curtest!!