Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Silly

One Word - TUPPERWARE! Chloe has this new obsession with Tupperware. She loves lids and containers, and they always go right to her head! Once the Tupperware has gone to her head she will start growling and chasing us around the house! Its one of my favorite things she does :)

We had to put the Deep Tupperware up high because of the above picture...
Here's my little monster chasing me now :) She is too much fun!

Here is Chloe's Monster Face without the Tupperware!

Chloe thinks she is such a big girl now and here are a few pics why

Here she is in her front facing car seat!!! SHE LOVES IT and has not made a fuss ONCE since we have switched :)
Here is Chloe's Action Shot! She was in Heaven playing with those thousands of rocks. She would take one at a time and place them where she thought it was best! (which was everywhere other than the pile)
Chloe in the Big Girl Wagon!

My little Girl is 13 months old and growing up way too fast! She makes life so much more fun!!! Mother's Day was so much fun with CiCi. I got the biggest hug and Smile from my little angel when she first woke up and that made my entire year. Just to see how she looks at me makes my whole life worth living!!!


Suzi Q said...

Oh she is too cute! :) What a fun little personality!

Nick + Briana said...

The tupperware thing is hilarious! That is such a fun age isn't it?! Chloe is darling!